{Plastic Pollution 🥤🌍}

Plastic pollution is a big thing for our environment and it’s causing many problems but what is plastic pollution and how does this affect our environment?

Plastic pollution is basically plastic everywhere, plastic in our wildlife habitats, plastic in our habitats and maybe plastic in our food.

Plastic pollution is caused by plastic which is made up of different chemicals and unfortunately sometimes isn’t biodegradable. Which means if it does come in our oceans it will still be there forever unless if someone takes it out, if they are biodegradable then there would biodegrade and disintegrate.

Plastic pollution is also affecting our food chain because when the plastic starts to biodegrade into small pieces the fish would mistake it for food meaning when the fish eats it, and fishermen come to collect them to take to the market for you to eat. When you eat it some fish may have plastic in them which can be really harmful for our bodies. 

We shouldn’t continue to pollute it’s unhealthy for the environment you can help by instead of using plastic bags use paper bags. You can also help by encouraging everyone else to be eco-friendly too!

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200 World Challenge

“Hello?” asked a voice. Lily opened her eyes. “W-w-what? Where am I?” “She’s alive!” whispered a voice. “Of course, she is what did you expect!?” whispered another voice. Lily sat up as soon as, she did she heard footprints. Tip tap, she stood up try to grasp her weight on a chair. Lily heard a muffled voice and spun her head around and squinted her eyes trying to capture the movement of the person and tried to step forward yet she missed and fell and her vision was blinded by the darkness. Lily remembered something and knew she had to defend herself because she had a mission and therefore it must be done. Lily turned and kicked the person and grasped their leg and they fell on the floor then finally, the person was defeated. Lily gasped and her arm ached but she knew she had to get out. No matter what. As she attempted to limp her way out of the maze cottage she felt so many thoughts in her head and so many feeling and emotion. She felt something slam her on the floor again, and she went out again. Lily opened her eyes and she felt a hand on her head and a shadow and it spoke “The guardian has come”.