My Avatar!

🌸 Hello there! 🌸

My avatar’s a strong-willed person and will believe in anything is possible!

She loves France and really wants to speak fluent french you can tell that by her beret!


🐰She’s a kind person who loves all sorts of animals and her favourite is a rabbit and she has a 

pet bunny named minty!🐰


🦋A challenge that I faced was how to put my avatar as a widget but in the end, I figured it

out by persisting and not giving up!🦋 .  


🌈I really enjoyed this activity and would recommend this to everyone!🌈


🍕Here is an acrostic poem with my name!🍕





🦄Animal lover!🦄


🍭~I was really inspired by Steph in this task~🍭

13 thoughts on “My Avatar!

  1. Well done for creating your avatar, Zoha. This will become useful when we start the SBC (Student Blog Challenge) and you begin commenting on other students’ blogs.

    • Hi Ari!
      Thanks! My avatar wishes to speak french because we both love the city France! 🇫🇷 what’s your favourite city?
      Zoha 🤗

    • Hi Maya!
      Thanks so much! I really like your avatar too! My avatar doesn’t necessarily look like me but she sure does act like me! what about you?

      Zoha 😁

  2. Hello Zoha,
    Your avatar is adorable and the fact that she/you have a rabbit named Minty makes me smile. I like that you described yourself as “strong-willed and believes anything is possible”, because I feel that way too.
    You could try using an app called Duolingo to learn French. It is a simple app and truly helps you learn a language. Let me know if you like it, ok?
    Au revoir,
    Ms. D
    STUBC commenter, Cave Creek, Arizona, USA

  3. Hi Zoha, I’m Chioma from Enugu, Nigeria. Presently, l’m a French student at school. it’s nice to meet you.

    • Hi Chioma,

      It’s lovely to hear you’re a french student. Do you do any other languages? It’s nice to meet you too Chioma! 🤩

  4. i really like your blog and how colourful it is and i love that you actually used stars on your commenting page so cool

  5. Hi Zoha, Your avatar looks very pretty and it’s looks like you persisted through to make it. I value how you said that you got inspired by Steph.

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